Top 10 Locations for Senior Pictures Near PLANO Texas
Though LABphotography specializes in professional headshots and commercial photography, we also do a fair number of high school senior pictures and family portraits. And so, if you happen to be in the market for senior pictures, we can definitely help!   One of the key decisions to make with regards to said senior pictures is where… what location…?  We’re often asked for suggestions and, as it turns out, we have a few!  Lots of seniors and their parents want to stay nearby… so that the backgrounds are familiar and representative of the area in which the senior grew up, hung out, and/or went to school.    For those who live in or near Plano, Texas, following are several locations in the area that are great considerations for your high school senior pictures.  These include choices for a variety of different background types, be it downtown/urban or industrial/grunge or perhaps something rustic or something natural!    

St. Andrew United Methodist Church

St. Andrew has a very nice - and somewhat big - courtyard area that includes grass, trees, a small waterfall and rock creek area, benches, a brick wall, and a nice archway. Across the church drive are more trees, a bigger water area with a fountain backdrop, etc. There are also some nice, big white columns at the front of the church that make a good backdrop.  Best in early evenings.  Insect repellent needed in Spring!

2)  Downtown Plano and adjoining Haggard Park  

Small-ish urban-type setting featuring a few shop fronts, great red brick streets, and condos/apartments which provide interest and texture, a DART rail station and small train exhibit, and a park with gazebo, trees, grass and some water.  Best overall in early evenings.

3)  Arbor Hills  

Nature preserve/area with walking paths and even some small hills through all of the trees (be prepared to hike a bit); Great fields and a wooden fence, also a lookout tower and playground; Best early evening. Insect repellent is a MUST!

4)  Shops at Legacy  

A great little shopping location with multiple fountains, some greenery, and a fun atmosphere that merges urban with a modern feel.  

Nearby:  Richardson

5)  Prairie Creek Park  

Natural setting with a very nice waterfall (best at sunset) and large trees at one end, fields and more trees throughout, and "Discovery Point" at the other end which features a nice, covered walking bridge, park bench, and wooded path to a "secret" area with huge stacked stones and steps leading down to a creek-like spot; Particularly beautiful in fall; Beautiful field of bluebonnets and wildflowers for a very limited time in late April - or so.

Nearby:  Frisco

6)  Frisco Heritage Museum  

The grounds of the Frisco Heritage Museum feature life-size, replica buildings from Frisco's earliest days.  Included are a log cabin, gazebo, old schoolhouse and church, historical houses, a train depot, and blacksmith shop.  Permanently stationed on the property is a 1910 locomotive and 1946 caboose.  Next to the train are working railroad tracks.  Also located on property is Babe's Chicken Dinner Restaurant which is actually central to the photo shoot with its varied and wonderfully textured walls (stone, wood, tin) and doors serving as perfect backdrops.  Best in late early evening, but do-able very early mornings.

7)  Central Park  

City park (surrounded by apartment and hotel buildings) with some grass, small-to-medium trees, flowing creek with rocks, some nice stone walls, and a waterfall (which is good right at sunset); The other side of the park offers more water/rocks and a big pond/tiny lake; Best in early evening.  

Nearby:  McKinney

8)  Downtown McKinney (Historic Square)  

The historic square in downtown McKinney features wonderful old shops and restaurants with the Performing Arts Center (formerly the old courthouse) in the... well, in the center!  Within a 2-block area are many more “old” buildings (some ivy-covered, some with rooftop access) that provide awesome backdrops and textures as well as some great alleys and doorways (with lots of grunge and character), fire escapes, an old-fashioned barbershop, and even an old, abandoned jailhouse.

9)  The Old Flour Mill

 Just 3-4 blocks away from downtown McKinney, the Old Flour Mill features loading docks, a silo, cool doorways, some old garage doors and other buildings nearby, etc.  

10)  Adriatica

European/Croatian-styled "Live-Eat-Work-Play" community in southwest McKinney near Stonebridge;  Boasts wonderful stonework, gates, great wooden doors, steps and staircases, shop fronts, patios, a very nice waterfront area near the wedding chapel and info center, and some very cool walk-thru tunnels;  One of the best locations for early morning sessions but also works very well for early evenings.

If it turns out that you are actually in the market for HEADSHOTS in or near Plano, the above locations are all actually very good potential locations for outdoor professional business or branding headshots.  Though LABphotography actually creates most headshots either in our indoor studio in Plano OR by traveling to and setting up at the client location, we do get requests for outdoor, natural environment headshots from time to time!