The BEST Time To Do Senior Photos

Early Birds and Worms and Stuff

Q:  What is the very best time to do Senior Photos? 
A:  The earlier in senior year you do them, the more of the year you’ll have to USE them!   
  1. There are a multitude of banquets and celebrations all throughout senior year, many requiring one or more photos for slideshows and/or tables.  Doing photos early will ensure that you have everything needed for all of these events 
  2. Reserving a yearbook tribute page for your senior? Your senior’s school may have a pretty early-in-the-school year deadline for that! 
  3. Thinking ahead just a little… senior photos (a print, a collage, a small album) can make a GREAT Holiday gift for grandparents, godparents, and/or other close family members or friends
  4. How about Holiday cards? Use a few short minutes of your senior’s photo session to get some shots of all of your kiddos and VOILA! you’ll end up with one or more great photos for your 2021 cards! 
  5.  The early bird gets the worm, you see!
Q:  Just how early does the bird have to be… if said bird truly wants to be worry-free?!
A:  In theory, there’s no time like the present… but… 

It’s officially summer in DFW.  Which means it’s hot and getting hotter!  Best advice?  Plan NOW for a session in mid-to-late September or almost any time in October to enjoy:

  • Slightly cooler average temps but still plenty of warmth to wear those cute – or very cool – outfits
  • Slightly better outdoor lighting
  • Plenty of worms still available (meaning you can get your photos in time for all the things)!
Q:  But September and October are months away!  Do I really need to plan right now?  
A:  Yes, because… 
  • Time flies
  • Those early fall weeks WILL be popular
  • The early bird gets the worm (AGAIN) – this time with regards to choice dates and planning around conflicts like homecoming weekend, sports tournaments, band contests, etc.
  • Ta da!
We at LABphotography would like to help you score some worms!   Check out our senior photo gallery and then contact us if you like what you see.  We’ll work with you in any way we can to get you some PERFECTLY TIMED, fantastic senior photos… 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  

Even if you decide upon a different direction, though, we do hope that this has been helpful to you in deciding when to do photos for your awesome soon-to-be senior!