Is It Time for New Company Headshots?
Does your company website include a “Meet the Team” or “About Us” section? If the answer is no, making the decision to invest in company headshots is easy! However if you DO already include company headshots on your site, ask yourself these questions to determine if it’s time for an update... 

Are the photos consistent?

Consistency is important for a strong, professional brand image. If the headshots on your site are different/mixed in terms of styles, lighting, and/or backgrounds, they are likely hurting your company image more than helping! Professional and uniform headshots showcases your team and helps establish brand unity.

Are the photos up-to-date?

Are any of the headshots more than 3 years or more ago? While most of us may want to look like we did several years ago, you want your team’s headshots to reflect who they are now, what they look like, and how the company has evolved.

Were the photos taken by a professional?

You may have hired an amateur photographer or friend for your last set of company headshots in order to save money... well, trust us, it shows! Engage our team and see if they are happy with the photos you’re currently showing. If not, what does that mean for potential clients?

Do the photos match your company brand?

If you’ve updated your company website, it’s probably time in invest in corporate photography that matches your new look. If you are a fun, quirky company, you'll want headshots to match your brand personality. If you are a law firm, then you may want photos of your team that reflect your industry. It’s important to show who you are and why you stand out from your competition!

Is your team shot current?
Are there one or more shown that are no longer with the company? And/or are there newer hires that are not shown? Time to reflect the current staff in your team photo! In summary, consistent, current, professional headshots that reflect your company will really help to polish up a website and give it that little bit of extra appeal... which could turn end up making you more money than they cost!  

LABphotography specializes in professional headshots and commercial photography.  We will bring our studio and expertise right to your business/office location and provide you with top-notch headshots, team, and any OTHER business photos for your website, marketing materials and more.  Your good brand, professional appearance, and reputation is safe with us… 100% satisfaction guaranteed.