Harrison's Senior Pictures at St. Andrew UMC / PCA
3rd manned Apollo mission to land on the moon. Valentine's Day. # days moon waxes. Atomic # of silicon. Bastille Day. British stone in pounds. Tarot card of temperance. A cub octahedron.  # days moon wanes. This handsome senior's baseball jersey #.

Award yourself 14 bonus points if you have figured out what all of the above have in common! And then invite 14 of your closest friends to read this. Because Harrison, the 2018 senior at Prestonwood Christian Academy pictured here deserves some recognition, for sure!  A left-handed pitcher for the PCA Lions Baseball Team, Harrison is not only talented, he is also smart, conscientious, friendly, super cute, easy-going, and loyal. So loyal, in fact, that he (and his older brother already there) will make the 14th generation in his family to attend Ole Miss upon graduating from high school. Okay, maybe not 14th... but sure sounds like it goes back a ways.
Did I also mention that Harrison was very easy on my camera? It was really hard to narrow the 14 dozen or so great shots to the 3 you see here... somehow managed to do it, though, so 3 cheers for that. And 3 cheers for Harrison as he completes this last year of high school and heads out to a very bright future! Go #14!