Abbey's Senior Pictures at Adriatica
Here are your clues:
1. As beautiful as Westminster (in a completely different way).
2. A bit quiet, but not quite as quiet as a quiet convent of this nature can be...
3. Dear ________, I am writing to get your advice…
4. This senior girl would look great wherever photographed… be it in a rustic setting, a lush park, or even in a Downton… err… downtown alley.
5. The Beatles crossed this road and you can, too… however, just don’t cross the girl (growing up with 2 older brothers will teach you to fend for yourself sometimes)!
Okay, that was at least 3 clues too many… I’m sure everyone knows by now that we’re talking about ABBEY! A great name for a lot of great places AND people… including this beautiful 2018 senior girl who will graduate from Trinity Christian Academy in the spring! Abbey is not only photogenic; she’s also an excellent athlete, having played on both the varsity basketball and soccer teams. In addition to that, Abbey is quietly friendly and personable. And SMART. What’s in a name, you might ask?!? In this case, a quite a LOT! Abbey has it going on… and I’m sure it will take her quite a long way to success and happiness in the future. Best of luck, Abbey and thanks for a great session!