A good headshot is more important now than ever before!
The value of a good, professional headshot has been steadily increasing for a number of years.  In today’s ever-changing markets, employers and consumers alike are being surrounded by more and more images.  Images play a hugely important role in social media – profiles are filled with photos and videos.  And potential customers – as well as employers – check social media more often than not before meeting someone for business or for a job interview.   

But this is old news, right?!  We all know that a good headshot is essential for someone seeking a new job or someone in business looking for more clients.  However, as it turns out, a good headshot is now also important for lots of others, as well!  

Not only markets are ever-changing… our work lives and situations are evolving and transforming, too.  And the recent pandemic has brought about some big changes in that regard – many people have been furloughed or had their hours curtailed.  Also, more people are working and meeting from HOME!    What does that have to do with headshots?  More than you might think.  

Headshots in Online Meetings

The popularity of Zoom (as well as other online meeting tools) has skyrocketed this year, due to the need for social distancing and stay-at-home restrictions.  Zoom, in particular, has been used for everything from online social gatherings with family and/or friends, to build digital clubs and interest groups, even for hosting virtual weddings!  Of course one of the biggest uses for this tool (and others like it) is for video conferencing with business associates, partners, and clients.  And even now, as restrictions are lifting and businesses are re-opening, there are many companies interested in continuing to allow – or even require – less travel and more work from home.

Where do headshots come in to all of this?  Simple!  Zoom allows you show a picture instead of a video during a meeting. 

Bad hair day?  No problem! 
Kids and/or pets running behind you while you are trying to work?  No problem! 
Using video but need to excuse yourself from the meeting for a few moments and don’t want to leave everyone staring at your bookshelves?  No problem!  

Headshots in Email

If you work with people that you don’t often see – or perhaps have not even met, in person, yet – a good headshot is a great embellishment to your email signature.  Not only does it help people put a face with a name, it is also a more “personable” way to communicate!

Also, in general, a strong, attention-getting yet professional email signature leaves a good, lasting impression.  And it doesn’t take much… in fact, you don’t want to include too much.  Your name, an optional title, company name, phone number and a good, color headshot image will help set others remember you more… better!  And it will set you apart from the crowd.  

Headshots in your Back Pocket!

Those that have been temporarily furloughed or had their hours cut back as a result of the recent pandemic will hopefully – and soon – be back in the saddle again.  But it’s always a good idea to be prepared… the timeframe for that to occur may not match up with your needs or desires.  Or once you return, you might find your situation lacking OR, much better, you may find that you are able to apply for a new or better opportunity within your company.   

Having a good, updated, professional headshot ready to go will give you a leg up in terms of readiness, agility, and confidence!  In fact, we never know when a great opportunity might present itself – regardless of our current situation.  So being prepared to shine – at a moment’s notice – is always advisable.  

So, what makes a headshot good?
  • Professional lighting!  The light should be flattering… not too dark, not washed out, no harsh shadows.
  • Professional posing!  Proper positioning of head/face and shoulders is key to creating a professional look.
  • Background!  The background should be exactly that – a background.  It should not compete with your image.
  • Proportions!  The right focal length during image capture and correct cropping in post will help to ensure that your face is large enough to be recognizable even in the very “smallest” social media frames.
  • Professional Expertise!  Your image should be in focus – sharp and clear.  And the resulting image colors should be accurate and balanced.
  • Preparation!  Your photographer should help ensure that color schemes (clothing, accessories, backgrounds, etc.) will be in harmony.  They will ideally provide other preparation tips as well.   
Do you see a theme here?  A good professional photographer is worth every penny that you will spend.  And a good, professional headshot is a show-stopper!  

Bottom line:  There are more reasons than ever to ensure that you have a good, updated, professional headshot in your possession.  And there are more ways than ever to use such a headshot!