top 10 reasons to choose LABphotography for your next photo session

10) certified professional photographer: i understand the principals (lighting, exposure, posing) and technical details required to create a good photograph and that fact has been certified by PPA via an exam and rigorous image review. and i continuously read, take classes, and seek ways to continue learning more

9) experienced: i also understand that a relaxed, happy subject is the difference between a good and a great photograph. so I will strive to make our session fun and enjoyable in order to capture the real you!

8) time for you: i schedule no more than 2 sessions per day, so you will not be rushed through. we take the time needed to get the photos desired. the time elements listed for my sessions are guidelines vs. hard and fast rules - if we end up needing a little more, so be it

7) few limitations: my sessions are not limited to a fixed number of clothing changes or props... bring what you want and we will do our best to incorporate as much as possible! this applies to everyone from high school seniors to business headshots clients!

6) no charge for photo treatments: after the session I will select, process and upload the best shots to an online gallery. several of the photos will be shown as black & white or with enhancing background textures or other treatments applied so that you can see what is possible. these special treatments can be applied to any photo ordered at no extra charge

5) complimentary re-touching: professional touch-ups (skin smoothing, etc.) are automatically applied to all photos ordered

4) great package offerings: all print packages include digital images of all poses ordered and very generous pose maximums. also, like-item substitution and/or even some customization is allowed... i'll do my best to get you exactly what you want!

3) graphics options: i am experienced in graphics design/layout work and can take photos from our session and use them to create a high school yearbook page, customized graduation announcements, holiday cards, or even personalized note cards

2) worth the investment: i am not the cheapest option around… but that is actually a good thing! many resources (time, talent, dollars) are required to produce a great photograph. i encourage you to think carefully before you spend your time, money and, most importantly, memories on someone whose photographs are not going to be what you want. if you cannot afford a good on-location photographer, it is probably better to go to an inexpensive, chain studio... the people there will likely have at least some training

1) satisfaction guarantee: if you do not absolutely love your photos, we will work together to create additional images... and if you are still not thrilled, i will refund your session fee with no hard feelings. bottom line... I am committed to creating the best portraits that you have ever had done!